Calling all Volunteers

Calling all Volunteers

As you will probably know other than a few paid roles the club is run entirely by volunteers.

The volunteers of the club do everything from picking up litter, gardening, painting & decorating, cleaning or help organise and run key social and fundraising events etc.

We are looking to identify as many people who would be willing to volunteer to help in the club. Whether you have a specific skill or trade or would be just willing to turn up and help paint a fence or bench please take the time to fill in the Club Volunteer Form (below) and let us know if you are willing to help and how often.

When completing the Club Volunteer Form please indicate what areas you would be willing to volunteer for and how often. If you can’t see anything specific you would like to do, we are always looking for people to help no matter what so let us know what you are able and willing to do.

Once you have completed the form please return to the Honorary Club Secretary email:


Club Volunteer Form