BRFC History & Playing Stats 6 of 8

6. Year by Year RFU Leagues

In 1987 the RFU introduced the first true national league system. The table below charts the clubs progress through the RFU leagues from the start to the present day.
1987–887Southern Counties
1988–898Dorset/Berkshire/Wiltshire Division One
1989–907Southern Counties
1990–917Southern Counties
1991–928Dorset/Berkshire/Wiltshire Division One
1992–937Southern Counties
1993–947Southern Counties
1994–957Southern Counties
1995–967Southern Counties
1996–976South West League Division Two (East)
1997–985South West League Division One
1998–994National Division Three (South)
1999–20003National Division Two
2000–013National Division Two
2001–022National Division One
2002–033National Division Two
2003–043National Division Two
2004–053National Division Two
2005–064National Division Three (South)
2006–075South West League Division One
2007–085South West League Division One
2008–095South West League Division One
2009–105National League 3 London & SE
2010–115National League 3 London & SE
2011–125National League 3 London & SE
2012–136South West League Division One (East)
2013-145National League 3 South West
2014-155National League 3 South West
2015-165National League 3 London & SE
2016-175National League 3 South West
2017-185South West Premier
2018-195South West Premier